About Us

The world’s most innovative finance and technology company.

Our Story

Our suite of algorithmic trading software was designed and built by a team of financial analysts, professional traders, software engineers, data scientists, mathematicians, actuarial scientists & ex-Goldman Sachs fund managers. Since 2016, we serve a wide range of users from retail traders to hedge funds with innovative automated trading products. Our products are built using a combination of historical trading data, deep machine learning insights, physics principles and data science. We realise that it takes expertise from different backgrounds coming together to solve complex problems, and that’s where the magic happens!

Our Mission

Our mandate as a team is to keep delivering the best trading algorithms to equip and empower individuals and institutions to take their investments to the next level using powerful technology.

Our Future Direction

As the largest repository of trading algorithms, we don’t stop innovating. We constantly roll out new trading software that unlocks new asset classes and new trading ideas while improving the quality of our services from constant user feedback. Apart from trading algorithms, our engineers find new ways and develop products to constantly improve the trading ecosystem.

Corporate solutions

Price ranging from
USD 100,000/mo

Price ranging from
USD 30,000/mo

Price ranging from
USD 10,000/mo

Retail solutions

Price ranging from
USD 2,997/mo

Price ranging from
USD 997/mo