We’re building a thriving ecosystem around A.I. trading.

Strategic Collaborations

At Tradomatix, we believe in the strength of collaboration, and that’s why we’re actively seeking partnerships with like-minded organisations in the world of artificial intelligence trading. Our commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional trading strategies have led us to build a network of strategic alliances. Here’s how we’re pioneering A.I. trading through partnerships.

Technology Integration

We collaborate with leading A.I. technology providers to integrate their advanced algorithms, data analytics, and machine learning capabilities into our trading platform. These partnerships ensure that our users benefit from the latest A.I. advancements in real-time trading.

A.I. & Machine Learning Partners

Google Deep Mind

Amazon Deep Learning


Data Partnerships

Data is the lifeblood of A.I. trading, and we’re proud to partner with data providers that offer comprehensive and high-quality financial data. These partnerships enable us to enhance our predictive models, improve decision-making, and deliver better results for our users.

Data Science Partners

Strategic Alliances

We collaborate with other financial institutions, trading platforms, and fintech companies that drive innovation in the A.I. trading landscape. Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of trading.

Disclaimer: Tradomatix does not officially endorse any of the fund custodians or liquidity partners below. Our technology is compatible and integrates with their trading platforms. 

Institutional Liquidity Partners

Retail Liquidity Partners

Licensing for Institutions
& Whitelabelling

We offer software licensing and whitelabelling for qualified partners to provide business opportunities for individuals and businesses. 

To explore potential partnerships with us, email our strategic partnership team at [email protected] and our friendly team will get back to you!

Corporate solutions

Price ranging from
USD 100,000/mo

Price ranging from
USD 30,000/mo

Price ranging from
USD 10,000/mo

Retail solutions

Price ranging from
USD 2,997/mo

Price ranging from
USD 997/mo